Marketing & Content Case Study

Content and Social Media Strategy Increased Brand Loyalty and Community Engagement

Campaign assets drove all-time peak engagement with the product community and increased visibility in social media.

The client, a large technology company, had an existing community focused on technology users for one of its key portfolio products.


The company needed to find new ways to leverage social media to engage the existing community while also reaching beyond to add more members.


Team Red Dog placed a social media manager to implement new strategies to increase the visibility of content among the audience, which resulted in significantly higher engagement rates with the community. For example, by introducing and implementing the best practice of using images on Facebook and Twitter to deliver thought-provoking messages and conversation pieces in lieu of text-based posts, the program increased audience engagement and understanding of the division’s messaging.

Success of the campaign was measured through a set of tools using reach, impressions, engagement, sentiment, and share-of-voice/ad revenue model.


As a result of the deliverables and efforts by Team Red Dog:

  • Campaign assets drove all-time peak engagement and views across social media channels.
  • There was increased awareness and brand loyalty among community members.
  • The client was able to leverage social media at events to increase activity within the community.

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