Marketing & Content Case Study

Team Red Dog Created Turn-Key Process and Managed Recruiting Events Improving the Client’s Ability to Hire More Technical Employees in Less Time

Team Red Dog mapped out a plan of attack that included designing a specific process for the events.

The client, a recruiting team for a large global technology company, needed to increase efficiencies in the employee recruitment process in order to hire a greater number of technical candidates more quickly. The team had been relying on more traditional methods, which required recruiters to individually screen candidates and their technical skills.


The traditional methods of hiring resulted in a slow process and fewer numbers of new hires than goals called for.


Implementing regional hiring events was deemed to be the best solution for enabling recruiters to quickly increase the number of qualified new hires and realize corporate recruitment goals.

In order launch such a program, a Team Red Dog marketing manager mapped out a plan of attack that included designing a specific process for the events and a predictable timeline that included before, during, and post activities. The marketing manager developed standardized materials to support event activities and set clear event expectations. After creating the event program plan, Team Red Dog instituted a new technical screening process that could scale to a larger number of prospective candidates beyond the existing 1:1 process. The final step was testing and refining the plan via live recruiting events thereby creating a repeatable model that then could be used worldwide.

    • Development of a new, repeatable process and framework for recruiting events
    • Attainment of corporate recruiting goals.
    • 30% of candidates invited to the events were hired
    • Program ownership could be moved to an internal staff recruiter
    • Launch of a universal online pre-screening tool to test technical skills

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