Analytics & Insights Case Study

Financial Analyst Increased Level of Reporting and Business Insights for Sales Compensation Team

New quarterly reports and presentations gave management increased visibility into the state of sales allowing them to easily see potential issues and make quota adjustments.

The client, a Global Sales and Finance Organization at a large technology company, needed its sales quota and payout data to be clearly communicated to sellers and well presented for better business insights. This required using professional financial analysts to administer the incentives and ensure that the payout matches actual measured revenue and goals. An audit of sales data and an analysis of trends was necessary for each payout cycle.


Before hiring Team Red Dog, reports were only captured in spreadsheets, which did not provide visibility into trends.


Team Red Dog provided ongoing financial compensation analysis for one subsidiary of the global technology company. As part of the quarterly payout process for the sales force, the Team Red Dog financial analyst audited sales information housed in several internal tracking tools and then created summary reports for use by executive management.

To enhance this effort, the financial analyst created quarterly presentations that compiled year-over-year analysis, summaries by region, region-to-region comparisons, and a separate view for newly launched products. These informative reports gave management increased visibility into the state of its sales, the ability to recognize issues or gaps in the sales funnel, and the data needed to make decisions about quota adjustments.


The strategic efforts and process improvements put in place by Team Red Dog resulted in:

  • Implementation of year-over-year sales analysis
  • Better visibility into sales trends for executive management
  • The ability to adjust sales targets and quotas to better align with business goals

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