Development & Design Case Study

Team Red Dog Increased Usage of a Global Video Chat App by Creating and Localizing a Total of 468 “How-To” Videos

Team Red Dog created a set of ‘how to’ films that were localized and designed to provide an authentic and engaging experience.

The client was seeing a high number of its software users becoming inactive each month. This data spawned a multi-phase effort to improve onboarding of new and inactive users. The program was designed to help users overcome their lack of feature awareness, promote ease of use, and address some key steps to becoming proficient in the video program.


User research clearly identified four main reasons why newly connected users (NCUs) became inactive:

  1. They couldn’t find contacts in the user interface
  2. They found their personal device was easier to use
  3. They perceived video calls as being poor quality
  4. They felt the program was only for occasional video calling

The client, a large technology company, hired a Team Red Dog project manager to create a set of ‘how to’ films that worked across different platforms and were localized to provide an authentic and engaging experience. Team Red Dog helped the client achieve:

  • A positive user experience
  • A flexible, cost effective and scalable long-term approach
  • The ability to engage users in a simple, efficient, and pleasing way
  • The resulting videos presented a warm and human touch with clear and informative UI animations to meet the business goals.
  • Films were produced in a modular way that allowed for automated localization and the ability for cost-effective changes when needed.
  • Team Red Dog worked with the client to accomplish a total of 468 unique films dedicated to ensuring new customers get the very most out of the video platform software.

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