Marketing & Content Case Study

Team Red Dog Developed Strategy for Enterprise Sales Program to Achieve 150% of Target for Partner Enrollments

Within seven months, Team Red Dog had grown the partner base from one to sixteen.

A large technology company needed to encourage partners to sell an enterprise-scale hardware appliance. To do so, the company needed to recruit new partners, train them on the complex new product, and get them to engage in sales activities. This was no small feat as the product required a different mindset and strategy to sell.


Prior to Team Red Dog taking on the project only one new partner had enrolled in the program and there were no sales forecasted in the pipeline.


Team Red Dog provided a marketing and project manager who quickly began creating a process for not only recruiting new partners, but also getting them on-boarded with training and support. Through a combination of robust readiness efforts and tightly managed partner relationships, Team Red Dog was able to empower partners and achieve more than double the fiscal year sales goal for the program.

The Team Red Dog marketing and project manager worked across internal corporate and field teams to integrate all efforts with external-facing partner teams. Cross group collaboration involved communications with a variety of roles including executives, technical resources, and sellers.

  • Team Red Dog effectively juggled all tasks and helped the client:
    • Grow the partner base from one to sixteen in just┬áseven months
    • Achieve 150% of plan target for partners enrolling in program
    • Increase partner on-boarding efficiencies
    • Double the number of actual closed deals beyond target
    • Institute wide-scale partner training opportunities
    • Develop strategies to scale out the program to new regions and partner types

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