Development & Design Case Study

Team Red Dog Developed Website Management Strategy for Faster Content Publishing and Stronger Site Performance

Team Red Dog designed a streamlined process and workflow for site content change requests facilitating faster sales cycles.

The client’s mission-critical product website generated approximately $240M in revenue in one fiscal year. Timeliness of new content publishing on the site was a key factor in achieving the site’s revenue targets.


Managing the multiple internal stakeholders including development and production resources participating in content refreshes was a complex effort.


Striving for improvements in the end-to-end change request process, the client’s website team engaged Team Red Dog to design and implement a strategic workflow. After evaluating a complementary product site to leverage best practices, Team Red Dog designed a streamlined process and workflow for site content change requests.

The new features of the workflow included:

  • Automated communications to stakeholders via a centralized SharePoint interface throughout the entire change request cycle
  • Integration of standardized page templates for more efficient publishing
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) for the overall change request process to maintain accountability and adherence to in-market deadlines

In just a few short months with the help of Team Red Dog:

  • The average number of days to complete a change request on the site has dropped by over 60% (from 13 days to 5 days).
  • The number of steps required to complete a web change has decreased from 6 steps to 4 steps.
  • The new site content became available to customers and prospects more expeditiously, which facilitated faster sales cycles.

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