Marketing & Content Case Study

Team Red Dog Editor Served as Writer and Creative Director for Surface Websites and Drove Content Delivery Strategy

In addition to writing content and managing creative and public site releases, Team Red Dog writer implemented strategic process and deliverables to increase efficiencies and security.

The client, a high-tech hardware product integrated marketing team and a large technology company, hired a Team Red Dog marketing content editor for all email, social, marketing and store display materials.


Writing all integrated marketing content for Surface and making it stand out above the competition is no small assignment.

In addition, one of the requirements was keeping complete confidentiality and security of the content before the launch.


Team Red Dog wrote all of the copy on the public-facing website ( and acted as creative director for all of the content that’s live on the Surface Tumblr as well. From a strategy perspective, the Team Red Dog editor was the driving force behind the launch of the Tumblr site and the student page of The editor created source docs for the Tumblr work, and a messaging calendar for the productivity campaign to track the timing of content publishing week to week.

To ensure security of content, Team Red Dog therefore developed a strict procedure for sharing copy. The procedure was adopted for all content and future releases.

  • Team Red Dog will continue to provide content and strategy for future Surface marketing campaigns and launches.
  • The content Team Red Dog produced contributed to positive press and sales of the product.
  • After implementing the new security measures for all content, there were no information leaks before the launch.

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