Marketing & Content Case Study

Team Red Dog Event Project Manager Successfully Created Criteria to Prioritize Events and Reduce Costs by 35%

The event project manager helped the client select the conferences that were the best fit for their audience and found creative ways to reduce costs.

The client at a large technology company was responsible for managing events targeted at web developers for their online browser product. The client hosts one large in-house conference in San Francisco each year to which they invite 500 people. The team also sponsors a lounge at a large technology conference hosted in different locations around the world. In addition, the group provides company speakers to present at third-party events. Due to the company’s budget constraints, only three to four additional conferences could be considered each year. The team’s involvement in any event needed to promote the benefits of their browser over the competition.


The client requested help with providing better visibility and accessibility to web developers interested in the browser, help developers know which events to attend, and provide a seamless execution of each event managed by the client.


Team Red Dog provided a senior event project manager to help. The event PM helped the product marketing team choose vendors, manage logistics, and negotiate costs with event organizers to keep events within budget. This involved resetting expectations with vendors and finding creative ways to reduce costs such as partnering with other organizations.  Team Red Dog helped the client select the conferences that were the best fit for their audience and goals.


As a result of the diligent efforts by the Team Red Dog event PM,

  • The client has successfully stayed within budget.
  • Company representatives invited to speak at events were no longer required to pay to present the product.
  • The team had a process to select the events that provided the biggest return on investment, thus saving the company money.
  • Overall spend for events was reduced by 35%.

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