Analytics & Insights Case Study

Team Red Dog Field Compensation Analyst Improved Processes, Communications, and Sales Audience Satisfaction

“I spent a lot of hours to make sure every cent was calculated correctly and everyone was on the right compensation plan. I really cared.”- Team Red Dog Financial Analyst

A large enterprise software and services company turned to Team Red Dog to provide a Field Compensation Analyst (FCA) for their sales incentive team.

The Team Red Dog FCA was tasked with training the product teams and sales community on the new year’s compensation plan which had significant changes from previous years.


Because of these significant changes, there was a high risk of confusion and dissatisfaction of among the company’s sales professionals due to a lack of understanding about the new plans.


To land the new model correctly with the field, Team Red Dog worked closely with sales excellence partners and filled in more details when the plan was not clear. The FCA provided very direct communications with sellers, helped create training decks and content, and delivered the training.

The FCA optimized the existing tools and processes, made sure every cent was calculated correctly, and ensured each seller was on the right plan for their role and territory.

  • Team Red Dog created an automated system and increased clarity about compensation models for sellers.
  • Sellers were able to have a better understanding of their plan leading to fewer misunderstandings.
  • The improved processes, training, and communications increased seller satisfaction.

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