Analytics & Insights Case Study

Team Red Dog Financial Analyst Provided Education to Sellers and Used Power BI to Create a Reporting Best Practice

“The project was a perfect mix of business and technology. We worked with a lot of data while also engaging on the business side.”- Team Red Dog FCA

A Global Sales and Finance Organization at a large technology company turned to Team Red Dog for a Field Compensation Analyst (FCA) needed to fill in while an employee was on maternity leave. During that time, the analyst facilitated communications with stakeholders and handled the reporting of sales compensation including the calculation of quotas and bonuses.


The biggest challenges were the amount of education needed for the field to understand the new sales model and the complexity of the reporting.


The Team Red Dog FCA got up to speed quickly, juggled multiple tasks, and focused on:

  • Coaching the sales teams
  • Collaborating with cross functional teams to make sure make sellers were paid correctly
  • Improving the data reconciliation process that previously involved pulling data from many reports and struggling with data feed problems
  • Identifying issues and providing solutions when data or processes were unclear

The Team Red Dog reporting solution created a reconciliation tool that utilized Power BI to dynamically pull in data from seven different reports. The data could then be refreshed very quickly. Through better education for sellers, the field was well informed on their sales compensation benefits.

  • The Power BI tool became a best practice for the rest of the team.
  • Reporting was less painful, saved time, and ensured consistency.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, there was a data model and power query for every compensation group.
  • The team built a dashboard to replace individual reports.
  • There was a greater understanding among sellers about their payouts.

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