Development & Design Case Study

Team Red Dog Improved Management of Product Website Saving Improving Performance and User Experience

With the help of Team Red Dog, the overall management of all global online properties is now more efficient.

The client’s technology hardware website provided consumers in 30 global markets with comprehensive product education and e-commerce functionality. The Social and Web Strategy Digital Lead at the client, a large technology company, was responsible for the centralized management of all 30 sites by engaging multiple external supplier resources for design, development, content management and localization.


Managing communications and hand offs between the vendors, as well as ensuring consistent quality of work was complex. Compounding the challenge was adherence to all-up budget requirements while addressing both planned and unexpected site changes.


Striving for efficiencies and process improvements, the client’s digital lead looked to Team Red Dog to re-architect the site management resources and delivery.

After a comprehensive evaluation of all phases of site management (creative design, development, testing, publishing, localization, change requests, and stakeholder review/approval), Team Red Dog re-configured the supplier resources to leverage the strengths, competencies and collaboration points for a team of onshore and offshore resources. The new configuration included:

  • Detailed guidance on roles and responsibilities
  • Documented workflows, checklists, templates, and forms for the various site development phases
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for site production to maintain accountability and adherence to market deadlines

By hiring Team Red Dog,

  • The overall management of all global sites is now more efficient.
  • Structured processes and a clear delineation of supplier contributions helped to enhance the customer experience.

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