Development & Design Case Study

Team Red Dog Managed Services Team Streamlined Processes for Content Management and Production of Global Product Site

“The team focused on transparency, documentation, and not letting things fall through the cracks.” -Team Red Dog Content Manager

The client’s centrally-managed promotional and transactional product web properties had tight release schedules, multiple audiences, and localization requirements for frequent releases in 30 global markets. In addition, the size of the site was growing and the client was expanding their team to include multiple vendors and stakeholders worldwide.


To handle the growth of the site and team, the client needed help streamlining their processes to enable accurate and timely publishing of content.


Team Red Dog’s six-person team performed a complete evaulation of the current processes so they could understand where improvements could be made. In addition, it was important to consider external dependencies and how to handle last-minute changes.

“Our goal was to formalize and communicate the development, submission, localization, sign-off, and publishing processes while still maintaining careful attention to regional variance needs like color and product availability,” explained the Team Red Dog Content Manager. “Our team focused on transparency, documentation, and not letting things fall through the cracks.”

Today, the Team Red Dog field and internal engagement managers make sure that all stakeholders understand the recommendations. Team Red Dog content, production and QA managers maintain the production calendar despite ever changing deliverables. They problem solve, train new people, and work with other vendors to keep the sites on track.

  • Improved communication with all stakeholders
  • More efficient processes for publishing content
  • Higher quality content
  • Increased product sales

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