Marketing & Content Case Study

Team Red Dog Managed Technical Education Program in Two States to Increase Program Success

Team Red Dog helped more than 3,000 teachers get trained in Washington and 132 schools enroll in the program in Alabama.

The client’s IT Academy is a subscription-based program designed to help schools provide students, faculty and staff with access to IT skills training and certification. Schools enrolling in the program are able to help their students succeed after high school with knowledge and credentials aligned with the needs of business and industry. The program also provides teachers with new opportunities for professional development.



To ensure schools realize full benefits of the program, the client, a large technology company, turned to Team Red Dog to help manage the program.


A Team Red Dog program manager managed the training program aiding in the adoption, roll-out and program success for schools in Washington and Alabama.

This entailed working with executives in each state and school districts. The PM also reached out to schools not yet enrolled in the program to educate them on the benefits. For schools embarking in the program, Team Red Dog ran the teacher training program. This was accomplished through a combination of in-person and online virtual trainings, a newsletter, and learning materials.  In addition, Team Red Dog developed and implemented project plans to measure the deployment and assist in the sales and renewal efforts for the product.

    • There were 664 IT Academies in Washington state and helped more than 3,000 teachers get trained.
    • The program enabled 5,018 student certifications and 153 teacher certifications.
    • Alabama enrolled 132 schools and significantly expanded the program in the school year.
    • More than 135 teachers held IT certifications.
    • There were more than 3,500 students enrolled in the e-Learning courses.

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