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Snippet of actionable tips on retaining diverse hires infographic

5 Actionable Steps to Retaining Diverse Hires (Infographic)

You’ve taken steps to create a diverse organization, but now how do you ensure longevity? Making all employees feel included and valued goes a long way to retaining all employees, regardless of background.

This can begin small. Here are some action-oriented adjustments you can make in your office today.

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Mistakes that can blow your interview

5 Little Mistakes That Could Blow your Interview

Landing an interview is always exciting and gets you that much closer to a potential offer. With all your preparation, don’t let these common blunders hurt your chances.

Below are some quick errors that can be easily avoided, so you can put your best foot forward!

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Frustration at simple resume mistakes

Are You Making These 5 Simple Resume Mistakes?

Sending out your resume and then hearing crickets is a terrible feeling. But, good news! Resume success could be a simple fix.

Make sure you’re avoiding these small, but significant, resume blunders:

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Diverse female employees working together

The Key to Retaining Diverse Hires

Diversity is sometimes simplified to a ‘pipeline’ problem in hiring, but it really starts with those already in your company. Treat them well. Make them want to stay and grow with you. Have them feel included, listened to, given chances for advancement, and paid equitably. Promoting inclusion retains employees – all employees.

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