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Interview Etiquette: Phone vs In-Person (Infographic)

So you got the call and have an interview lined up? Great, now it’s time to nail that interview!

Think of an interview like school: A phone interview is the quiz, while an in-person interview is the final exam. You would still study for both, but there are differences in what makes a successful […]READ MORE

Creating a positive business culture infographic snippet

Creating a Positive Business Culture (Infographic)

Good culture is good business. The benefits of a positive culture include higher productivity, job satisfaction, and strong retention. It’s more than an open keg on Fridays; it’s a focus on employee wellness and growth that goes beyond the day-to-day deliverables to create a happy, stable team.

Creating a positive business culture can start small, […]READ MORE

Life buoy on water with Resume Rescue text

Answers to your Top Resume Questions

Creating a great resume is as much art as it is science. Here are answers to five common questions that job seekers have about writing the perfect resume.

1. How can I tailor my resume to the job I’m applying for?

Having a master resume that encompasses all your experience and skills is considered a […]READ MORE

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