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Answers to your Top Resume Questions

Creating a great resume is as much art as it is science. Here are answers to five common questions that job seekers have about writing the perfect resume.

1. How can I tailor my resume to the job I’m applying for?

Having a master resume that encompasses all your experience and skills is considered a […]READ MORE

Bad hiring mistake

The Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire (Infographic)

Hiring mistakes happen every day in every business. Whether the new hire just doesn’t quite fit in with the office dynamic or they exaggerated some core skills, it is important to recognize the subtler ways a poor hiring decision can negatively impact your company.

Ultimately, a bad hiring decision costs more than the time spent […]READ MORE

Manager contemplating a bad hire.

The Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire

That sinking feeling when you realize your new hire may be falling far below your expectations is disappointing to say the least. While the new resource seemed so competent and charismatic initially, now you’re getting sub-par performance reports and the impression that they’re just not quite fitting in and maybe rubbing some of your other […]READ MORE

Interview candidates

Six Tips for Creating an Effective Interview Process

Ever feel like your hiring comes down to your gut instincts about a candidate? Then perhaps it’s time to adjust your hiring process.

While gut responses can be life-saving in certain situations, they can also lead to snap judgements. They can be influenced by subconscious bias and give charismatic candidates an edge when other, […]READ MORE

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