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Three people brushing up on their 2019 skills

The Skills to Keep Up With in 2019

The weather may be cold, but you can still keep your skills “hot” in this fast-paced, tech-savvy job market that we’re in.

As a Seattle-area staffing company with over 17 years’ experience, staying up to speed on the latest skill trends is second nature. Read on to find out what professional skills will make […]READ MORE

2019 Best Jobs in Seattle

How Do 2019’s Best Jobs Stack Up in Seattle?

With Glassdoor’s recent 2019 ‘50 Best Jobs in America’ report revealed, now is the time to see if your job made the list and which roles to keep your eye on. We took these ‘50 Best Jobs in America’ and found how they compare in Seattle.

It’s mostly good news – there are many openings […]READ MORE

Sourcing Diverse Candidates

The Secret to Sourcing Diverse Candidates

The search for qualified talent often turns up candidates with similar backgrounds, who may look a lot like the person who is hiring. This doesn’t mean other qualified (and, yes, diverse) individuals aren’t out there – they are! But it often takes deliberate action to ensure you reach professionals who might be outside your hiring […]READ MORE

Interview Etiquette: Phone vs In-Person (Infographic)

So you got the call and have an interview lined up? Great, now it’s time to nail that interview!

Think of an interview like school: A phone interview is the quiz, while an in-person interview is the final exam. You would still study for both, but there are differences in what makes a successful […]READ MORE

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