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Graduation gear

Three Reasons to Hire Recent Graduates

With the start of summer comes another beginning for many across the country – their first professional job hunt. And, this doesn’t just mean opportunities for recent grads, but also employers. Hiring a recent grad can be good for the bottom line, with the bonus of adding an enthusiastic team member looking to prove themselves. […]READ MORE

Strengthening your network

Building your Network with Intention

Networking is important. In fact, by some estimates, networking helps as many as 85% of job applicants land their next role.

Yet, for many of us, our networking skills and network just happen. It grows organically through our friends, school connections, work colleagues, or the occasional contact from an event. However, networks grown more naturally […]READ MORE

Resume Rescue! (Infographic)

In less than ten seconds, a hiring manager will decide whether to keep reading your resume or move on to the next. These resume tips can help your resume stand out, get you in the door for that coveted interview, and hopefully land the position!

As Team Red Dog’s staffing specialist, Vicki Bartelt, […]READ MORE

What You Should Know About the Gig Economy (And Why You Should Care!): Part III of III

What Freelancing Is Like

Comparing the advantages of freelancing versus traditional work is largely a question of values.  For those who prize freedom and flexibility, freelancing comes with a multitude of benefits. For those who desire consistency in work, expectations, and pay, traditional full-time employment can be the right choice.  
Freelancers get ownership […]READ MORE

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