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What You Should Know About the Gig Economy (And Why You Should Care!): Part III of III

What Freelancing Is Like

Comparing the advantages of freelancing versus traditional work is largely a question of values.  For those who prize freedom and flexibility, freelancing comes with a multitude of benefits. For those who desire consistency in work, expectations, and pay, traditional full-time employment can be the right choice.  
Freelancers get ownership […]READ MORE

Welcome to the Gig Economy! (Infographic)

The gig economy represents a nontraditional, alternative way of working and it’s growing – fast. This freelance workforce is growing three times faster than the US workforce overall.

Gig work is more than just driving for Uber or Bite Squad deliveries. Gig workers, or freelancers, are those who engage in supplemental, temporary, and project […]READ MORE

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