Celebrating 10 Years, Way to Go Kathleen!

Wow, this is a big one! Congratulations to @KathleenKhoo on 10 years with Team Red Dog! We are so proud to have Kathleen as part of our work family and celebrate so many great qualities that she shares with all who know her.

We had fun hearing from Kathleen just how the last 10 years have gone for her:

What were your first impressions when you started with Team Red Dog?

Kathleen enjoys juggling both family and career

My first impression of Marleen was that she was approachable and someone who deeply understands her business and industry. She provided competitive compensation and attractive benefits including a 401k matching and life insurance. I have a feeling we made good first impressions of each other, and I am so glad it’s lasted ten years and our relationship has flourished professionally and personally. Prior to meeting with Marleen, I had considered a dozen other agencies – but none came close to offering me a personalized experience in building out my career as a consultant.”


“With Team Red Dog I felt I was more than a digit.”


What made you keep choosing Team Red Dog?

“Besides knowing Marleen’s got my best interest, she provides a great team of HR and recruitment professionals to help me grow as a professional and face any challenges that came up. For example, I had concerns about taking maternity leave. Marleen and her team worked with me to prepare a paid coverage plan that would allow me to return to work when I was ready. I’ve stayed with her all these years knowing that I would always have options with my career if life happens. At Team Red Dog, I feel valued and supported.”

What is one of your favorite memories with Team Red Dog?

“Before the pandemic we used to celebrate a company family day, we had a few picnics at Lake Cavanaugh with the team (internal and external) and our families! It was always a blast!”

Marleen and Kathleen at Lake Cavanaugh

How do you feel Team Red Dog supports you in your professional and personal life?

“Professionally Team Red Dog has helped me grow as a consultant, especially in how I present myself as a Program Manager. Personally, I’ve two babies since I started at Team Red Dog and Marleen and her team has provided me the support to continue working and allowed time for my new family.”

What are next steps for you?

“Prior to joining Team Red Dog, I wasn’t sure if I could have a career as a consultant. Looking back, I’ve managed to do it successfully and the support I’ve received along the way was critical. Ten years in, Marleen and I have this wonderful friendship and she’s been there through my getting married, having two kids and all kinds of life experiences.”


Join us in celebrating Kathleen!!