Redefining Courage

Now is the time for courage.

It was just a regular Monday morning team meeting… but the message stuck with me. Our CEO, Marleen Eitzen Shanks, was passionately sharing the need for courage on every front of our lives. She encouraged our team by sharing the power of courage in a time of uncertainty and for many people, a time of fear.

We need courage to walk outside.
We need courage to go grocery shopping.
We need courage to reach out to our loved ones and make sure they are alright.
We need courage to have difficult yet pertinent conversations about diversity and inclusion.
We need courage to sign in to work remotely every morning, compartmentalizing the many distractions of working from home.
And finally, we need courage to care for our children and guide them through the unknown of returning to school and the prolonged effects of social isolation.

Now is the time to embrace one another bravely, from a social distance, and use our grit and determination to live each moment courageously. I’m thankful to be part of a team that values how I’m feeling, as well as the quality of my work. Be gentle with one another. And be courageous.

Schuyler Germann

Team Red Dog
Communications, Account Coordinator